Luminary Collection - Pendant lighting and Lamps

"I love the feel of it in my home. The peaceful reflections are so calming!"

"It has transformed my busy living room into a place of tranquility and beauty. Thank you so much, Asaf!"

"There's nothing in the world like it. Thank you for my custom light. My family and friends are in awe and so am I"

Asaf Zakay creates unique contemporary glass art based on sacred geometry and the subject of the golden ration/phi or Fibonacci sequence. Each is hand made in Bangalow, NSW. Triangle by triangle; piece by piece, to inspire unique reflections of beauty, to bring harmonious feelings of calm and tranquility. Many who have his pieces tell us they transform a space with either a calming or energising effect depending on the shape and colour. 

If you wish for you piece to be a lamp, add an additional stand to your order by clicking here.

Each Luminary Sculpture is available in three glass types. 

Clear Double Beveled - expect clear reflections and often rainbows if there is external light source such as the sun.

Dichroic Clear Glass - predominately pink, orange and yellow with blue and green often showing. First developed by NASA, this glass has colour changing capabilities. 

Dichroic Grey Glass - predominately blue, green and purple with orange, pinks and yellows often coming through. This glass also changes colour. 

When the light is turned on, the reflections remain the same. When off, it is open to external light and will have colour change depending on angel.