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The power of Sacred Geometry




Wednesday, 16 January, 7pm @ Zakay Glass Creations Gallery

Multi-Media, Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Experiential Presentation
By New Zealand Cosmologist & Artist
Jonathan Quintin

We are the pioneers of the dawn of a new age and great changes are occurring on all levels. A spiritual shift is occurring. Many people around the world find themselves on the verge of something quite vast, yet indescribable.
Sacred geometry offers a path that can help us move with the changes rather than be overwhelmed by them. The harmonic shapes, patterns and forms of sacred geometry encapsulate natural laws. They are a bridge between the seen and unseen, the finite and infinite, the manifest and unmanifest.
We have a natural affinity to these geometries because they hold the same ratios and proportions that we contain within us. They are keys that can unlock our potential and open the mind, heart and soul to the greater whole as we enter the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

Benefits of Sacred Geometry can include:

- Spiritual health
- Alignment to the harmony of universal order
- Helping to bring into balance that which is out of balance
- Entraining the mind with the fractal codes of creation
- Experiencing the profound order that emanates from Source
- Nourishes the soul
- Opening the mind to the abundance of the universe
- Activating the pineal gland (third eye)
- Synchronizing with natural time
- Integrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain
- Integrating mind-body-spirit
- Unlocking your potential
- Re-absorbing with the Oneness and Unity Consciousness
- Experiencing states of higher consciousness
- Promotes alpha and theta brainwave activity
- Self-realization and self-actualization


The 2D and 3D geometric visualizations created by Jonathan can have a profound impact on the observer as they activate an innate recognition of the primordial space-time continuum. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this rare opportunity Jonathan brings to the world that can help awaken the human mind to its full potential and connect to the greater whole”... Nassim Haramein. Physicist

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